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Smart Whiteboard-A

Smart Whiteboard-A
Smart Whiteboard-A
Smart Whiteboard-A
Smart Whiteboard-A

Smart Whiteboard-A

Smart Whiteboard is a high-tech product integrating multi-touch, high-definition display and interactive functions. It is suitable for corporate meetings, education and training, design creation and other places. It perfectly combines the traditional whiteboard with modern technology, bringing users a new communication and collaboration experience.

Support multiple people to operate at the same time, improve the interactivity of meetings and teaching, and enhance the effect of teamwork.

The 4K display presents clear, vivid images and makes content more engaging.

A variety of built-in tools and applications, including brushes, erasers, shapes, text input, etc., are convenient for editing and displaying content.

Support wireless screen projection function, which can realize content sharing of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices, which is convenient and fast.

Energy saving and environmental protection: adopt low-power consumption technology to save energy and reduce the cost of use.

Smart Whiteboard-A


86"(55"~98" options)    3840x2160450(cd/m²)
Display AreaContrastViewing Angle
1895.04 × 1065.96 mm (H×V)1100:189°/89°/89°/89°
Operating temperatureDisplay ColorAspect Ratio


Windows 10 Pro I5 6400 Quad core 2.7GHz16G
100M/1000M Ethernet802.11b/g/n/ac256G


Touch TechnologyTouch Points   Touch Life
IR touch    20 Points  500 million times


Input VoltagePower